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Soulful Rising

Re-set & re-fresh with Haylee – A monthly reset will help you refelct on the previous month, enhansing areas of your life with loving intentions, goals, habits or rituals that improve your productivity & wellbeing. Bringing motivation & clarity to feel in alignment with all that you wish to manifest into your life  


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6.30 – 8.00pm



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Soulful Rising with haylee

Soulful Rising ⁃ Reset & Refresh  I invite you to join along in honouring new beginnings as we step forward with intention into the beautiful month ahead. 

This evening is designed to give you the opportunity to pause, check in, recharge & reset at the beginning of every month, setting you up for possible CHANGE, REDIRECTION & ATTENTION on the areas of your life that need it. Offering that clarity and motivation to make those choices that enhance your productivity and wellbeing into a life you’d like to manifest. 

Kick off your month with loving intentions, rituals,goals or new habits through .. Breathwork – Meditation – Guidance Cards – Journaling . 

Please bring along a journal and pen, any crystals if you feel drawn to, your own mug if you would like to sit with a tea (I’ll provide tea unless you want to bring your own ) and anything else to be comfortable. 

Appropriate for all levels of experience and newcomers.

Breathwork - Meditation - Oracle Guidance - Journaling