About Us

Transformation is not about where we are it’s about where we’re going

Who is Zen

Zen life is about 

Your time your place, it’s a place to take you further to move, an experience that offers more than just a good sweat.

(though you’ll definitely get that).

Feel confident, feel strong and develop yourself where you are at.

Feel accepted for who you are.

A place where you’ll learn from the best. 

You’ll be challenged and inspired while we’ll help you feeling comfortable easily.

It’s about being part of something BIG. 

It’s a place to reflect build strength and find balance.

Build a cultural community,  forge timeless friendships.

For You,  the journey can start NOW.

What you'll find

Yoga, Movement  F  I  T,  Meditation & Massage 

Zen Life is Butler’s best warehouse yoga studio resonating natural light through our high ceilings, where industrial meets elegance. 

You can chill out and relax at reception and absorb the Zen feel. 

In the Studio we use state of the art Far infrared technology for heating combined with big air movers and air destratification systems that lets you breathe easy without feeling stuffy or uncomfortably hot.

We run classes everyday from 6am to 8pm. Our Classes are limited so you have room between each mat, so you can focus on your practice. 

Need a hot Shower and change room we have you covered. 

Free Herbal Tea or Filtered water. 

How to find us

Find a class

Enter the studio, leave the outside world behind and immerse yourself in good vibes.

Go mobile with Zen Life Yoga

Book your yoga effortlessly. 

Book your classes online by downloading the ‘Zen Life Yoga’ App free on the App Store or Google Play. View our schedule, book your classes & Events or buy class passes and memberships. Log into On-Demand Videos or Indulge in a Massage. All with ease from your mobile!