Welcome Newbies

Transformation is not about where we are, it’s about where we are going knowing that the effort you bring creates the change.

Who we are​

Zen life is about your time your place, a place to take you further, Experience what you thought was possible, feel confident, feel strong.

Feel accepted for who you are.

A place where your learning from the best. You’ll be Challenged and inspired, comfortable and at ease through Dynamic yoga, yin, meditation & Movement F I T. This is about being part of something BIG You’ll reflect, build strength and find balance.
Form a culture 2nd to none, be part of an awe- inspiring community and forge timeless friendships. For You, the journey can start NOW

Newbies FAQ'S

Absolutely you can. If it’s your first time practising yoga or ZenF I T,  we suggest you position your mat in the middle of the room so there are students all around to help guide you if you get lost.   

Arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you have enough time to meet your teacher and sign in.

A towel. 

A bottle of water.

A mat.

Courageous attitude and your smile.

Sauna use increases both body temperature and heart rate, we recommend that you drink water during your session as it will help your body with regulating its temperature. If you start feeling faint during your session, then remove yourself from the sauna and alert a staff member.

Comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in.

We practice in bare feet in all classes including  Zen F  I  T  classes so please leave shoes at the studio entrance.  

Turn your phone on silent.

Only bring yourself, your towel, and your water bottle onto your mat.

Position your mat in the middle of the room so there are students all around to help guide you if you get lost.

Grab a block and a strap you can borrow these for free.

Respect your body; work within your limits and rest whenever you need.

If you have any questions feel free to have a chat with your teacher on your way out? They’ll be more than happy to help.

Make sure you drink enough water – 1 litre after practice is a good guide.

You may have some muscular fatigue or soreness; this should resolve within 48 hours.

Always check with your doctor in advance and let your teacher know you’re pregnant so they can help you modify poses as necessary. 

Pass options​

Zen Life welcomes people of all experience and fitness levels with our range of yoga, movement & meditation classes taught by our best teachers.

find your fit…

Intro Pass 30 Days Unlimited

Once Only


  • Unlimited Classes
  • Get To Know Us

Ultimate Freedom Pass



  • Direct Debit Membership
  • Unlimited Classes
  • 10% Members Discount

Drop In Pass



  • Single Drop In Class Pass

10 Class Pass

Valid for 6 Months


  • Equates to $17.50 per Class

FIFO Pass Unlimited Pass



  • Unlimited Classes
  • Valid for 1 week

6 Month Freedom

Set & Forget for 6 Months


  • Unlimited Classes
  • 10% Members Discount

Yoga or
Meditation 1on1

30-60 Min Personal Session Available


  • Answer the Q's that you cant ask in class
  • Great for beginners or to deepen your yoga practice