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Message from the Crew

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to check in, set up your mat, have a chat, and prepare yourself for practice.

Dave Brown

Studio Owner , Yoga Teacher, Surfer, Inversion Junkie​

Tracy Brown

Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher, Experience Creator + Meditation Goddess​

Oli Francis

Yoga Teacher, Brazilian Juijitsu, drummer

Jochen Beranek

Yoga Teacher, Head Chef, Kite Boarder, Epic Dideridooist

Haylee Darbyshire

Yoga Teacher, Senior Facilitator, Fun Loving Human, Adventurer

Rachel Giles

Yoga Teacher, Philosophy Enthusiast, Mumma, Community Lover

Sita Briceno

Yoga Teacher, Kirtan Meditator, Soul Searcher, Loyal Friend, Nature Lover & Passionate about Life

Yasmeen Quandour

Yoga teacher, unique, empowered $ filled with love!!

Cherie McTaggart

Zen F I T PT, Group Instuctor, Confidence Specialist, Lifestyle & Nutrition Guru

Tanya Rodger

Zen F I T PT, Group Instuctor, Movement Specialist, Nutrionist Guru

Pierce Tedesco

Zen F I T  Head Coach, PT, Group Instructor, Transformation Specialist, Muscle Guru

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