July School Holidays

July School Holidays

Keep Your Kids Active

Join Our Junior Strength & Conditioning School Holiday Program!

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids engaged and active during the school holidays? Look no further! Our Junior Strength & Conditioning Program is the perfect solution. Running over two weeks in the July school holidays

For just $99 per child, your kids can enjoy two sessions per week, with all classes included for the two-week duration. This program is open to everyone – both current members and non-members.

Why Strength & Conditioning for Kids and Teens?

Forming healthy exercise habits at a young age is crucial. Good habits are as challenging to develop as bad habits are to break. Lifelong exercise habits often form in childhood and are usually set by the teenage years. Unfortunately, many children in Australia and the Western world are making poor health choices, particularly regarding exercise.

Research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlights that many Australians are not active enough due to various reasons, including poor health, injury, and lack of time.

Physical activity is essential for children’s health and wellbeing. Exercise benefits include:

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength & Conditioning is a dynamic, effective, and engaging training program combining gymnastics, weight lifting, cardiovascular, and body-weight training. It is flexible and adaptable to the needs and ages of all participants, from children and teenagers to adults.

Benefits of our Kids and Teens Program:

Twice Weekly


10.30 -11.15


10.45 -11.30

What You’ll Get

We find ways to work the same muscles in different ways because we know no two people are the same and not every movement can be done exactly the same way.

Whether it’s gymnastics, mobility, lifting, or cardio, functional fitness is our specialty. We combine movements relevant to everyday life to improve your capability.

Our number one rule is quality before quantity. Our team provides constant feedback to ensure insight and technique are our top priorities.

Walk in for a workout, walk out with friends. We build bonds through working side by side, pushing each other to the limits, and achieving greatness together.

The Instructors

Personal trainers & Fitness Guru's

Emily & Wade

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