Back to Basics


Unlock Your Potential: Join Our ZenLife Yoga Back to Basics Workshop!

Are you new to yoga or looking to refine your vinyasa practice? Our Back to Basics Workshop is perfect for you! Join us as we share our expert knowledge, breaking down the foundations of yoga and guiding you on how to effectively modify your practice. This essential workshop is designed to deepen your understanding and awareness, helping you progress to the next levels with confidence and ease. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your yoga journey

Master the Fundamentals: Elevate Your Vinyasa Practice Safely and Effectively

In this workshop, you’ll master detailed techniques rooted in anatomical awareness, ensuring you understand the fundamentals of safe practice and modifications. This is especially crucial if you have any injuries but still want to continue practicing.

Remember, movement is medicine!

You’ll leave feeling educated and empowered with a solid foundation in vinyasa practice, and perhaps even inspired to elevate your practice to the next level. This workshop provides everything you need to kickstart your yoga journey in a safe, fun, and inspiring way!

We work on the basics on posture (asana) and The four corners of Vinyasa Yoga

Then we will look at:

The Instructors

Lead by your experienced Zen Life Yoga & Fitness Creators & Owners

Tracy & Dave

Expect a warm, welcoming environment where knowledgeable instructors share their teachings with authenticity and honesty. At ZenLife, we are lifelong learners, inspiring our students in every class. You’ll leave feeling energized, playful, and empowered, both during and after the session.

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