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Our massages will take you on a unique journey where you’ll discover the power of the healing touch from highly skilled therapists. 

You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated experiencing the magic of natural products for the care of your mind and body, everything we use is 100% natural that will leave you with a sense of inner peace. 


Indulge in a heavenly top to toe treatment, simply and purely relaxing signature Zen Massage. A combination technique put together to create the perfect touch, flow and rhythm, float and melt away in pure bliss and be taken back to the state of bliss which you once knew.

Zen Head neck and shoulder

Sink in a deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage using coconut oil to help nourish your hair leaving it beautiful, strong shiny and healthy, then working with the upper body where we hold a lot of our tension especially in the neck and shoulder area. Also enjoy the many benefits that this massage offers such as promoting circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck and ease tension from the problematic shoulder area. This massage uses firm and rhythmic movement leaving you feeling at ease, relaxed and refreshed. (If you prefer neck and shoulder please let your therapist know)

Hot stone

Nurturing from mind and body this unique massage uses hot stones to knead out knots, smooth aching muscles and melts away tension. It alleviates fatigue, soothes the senses and boosts circulation to aid detoxification, leaving you deeply calm yet energised.

Zen Tension Release with oils

A therapeutic holistic massage that is invigorating and melts away deep-seated tension and fatigue. In combination with essential oils, it traces discomfort back to original cause, to address and alleviate symptoms.

Blissful Full Pamper Package

This massage consists of Back neck and shoulder massage followed by the facial massage treatment. Your therapist will be working with the upper body where we hold a lot of our tensions especially in the neck and shoulder area this treatment focuses on the back area only, not only will it help to ease the aches this treatment also encourages relaxation stress relieve relax the muscles and improve circulation followed by facial massage the Ayurvedic facial is a truly divine treatment which balances your doshas, chakras and the skins pH level. This is a holistic rejuvenating facial which helps to facilitate lymphatic drainage while improving the tone and texture of the skin. This Ayurvedic facial is excellent for, Reducing expression lines and wrinkles Reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes Excellent help for insomnia Relieves tension and eyestrain

Zen Signature Deep tissue therapy

Need something more tailored to you, then our highly qualified massage therapist can help you manage your health concerns. Our deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat muscular issues such as strains and sport injuries it involves applying sustain pressure using slow deep strokes to target the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissues.


Tailored to your personal needs, allowing “Mum’s to be “ Feel relieved of the discomfort during pregnancy. Revitalise your body as you are being massaged using safe techniques. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce excessive swelling, reintroduce red blood cells to the blood circulatory system, Promotes easier delivery and much much more. Unwind and be pampered from head to toe and feel relaxed and you rejuvenated. *Please note that this treatment is not suitable for first trimester and if there is any complications or issues with pregnancy maybe safe to check with your doctor before if your unsure.


ZENLIFE SIGNATURE AYURVEDIC FACIAL & SHIROABHYANGA (INDIAN HEAD/NECK MASSAGE) Rooted in the traditional beauty practices of Ayurveda, a holistic healing system born in India over 5000 years ago, this facial treatment makes use of organic and handcrafted formulations that deeply cleanse, rejuvenate and enhance skin radiance. The session includes Indian head massage, known as Shiroabhyanga, originated in India as an Ayurverdic method of healing. It is a deeply calming, grounding and rejuvenating treatment which offers physical as well as psychological benefits. A specific combination of massage techniques and pressure points aid in achieving a sense of inner serenity and release of tension. Additionally, we include ancient Ayurvedic facial massage techniques to support lymph, blood and energetic circulation to reveal your natural beauty. The facial steps include: cleansing, exfoliation, manual massage, and facial mask. during the treatment. A combination of organic oils are selected to balance your constitution (dosha) and an optional hair oil treatment is also available to bring shine, health and strength to your locks during the session. A unique and deeply relaxing experience during which you will be soothed by the sounds of meditative music, as well as custom aromatherapy and arms & hands massage.

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