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This workshop is designed for students of all levels especially anyone who wants to work on the strength in there wrists. After the workshop you will know techniques that with practice, will help you enter into a easier practice on your wrists with breath, attention, and understanding confidence of how your hands work.

The techniques introduced in this workshop are based on the work of my past mentors and the many years of experience working on our hands. Each technique is designed to address a specific blockage when entering into a world on your hands. Most students coming will have already practice being on there hands and are experience a blockage in a specific area. The techniques are designed to help us identify those blockages and then strengthen them so they are no longer a blockage.

This workshop gives you the tools to be able to move in through your practise with ease to your wrists. 


Tracy and Dave are dedicated movement practitioners for many years and have extensive hands on assisting experience. They both teach a dynamic Vinyasa style practice as well as Tracy teaches more of a meditation and Yin style practice. If you’ve ever been in one of their classes you would notice that their passion for safety and movement goes hand-in-hand with the way they teach and that’s how Zen Life Yoga was born. Initially Tracy was drawn to the practice through meditation and found that she could utilise this through the Vinyasa way Dave was drawn through the physical aspect of how to move the body and how to create strength through movement. They both love a  strong Vinyasa practice and with this becomes an inward journey of mindfulness their passion that movement is key. 


Saturday 13th November 


1.00pm – 2.00pm


Tracy & Dave



(FREE for Summer Ready Challengers)


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