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Saturday 15th May Find stillness & greater depth by knowledge in your Yin Yoga Practice.

About this Workshop

Find stillness and greater depth by knowledge in your
Yin Yoga Practice.

This 2hour Workshop we will guide you to everything yin, from its numerous health benefits to how you can practice it best in your body. Consider it your yin yoga crash course, if you will.

Learn Practice Tips
Understand that there are three crucial things to do as you practice Yin.

Breath Practice techniques to access the deeper tissues.

Understand the importance of counterposes – rebound.

You will be moving through
the 3 layers
* physical level,
Yin enhances the natural range of motion in the joints.
* Energetic level,
how it enhances the flow of prana showing you how to move toward strengthening certain energy channels (called nadis in yoga or meridians in Chinese medicine), which ultimately support the organs, immune system, and emotional well-being.
* Mental level, understanding why we hold poses for three to five minutes and how this benefits from the inside out.

And then will take everything that we’ve learned and put it into a beautiful yin practice, followed by light healthy snacks and tea with like minded individuals to chat and chill afterwards.


Saturday 15th May 1pm – 3pm
In the Shala

$49* 10% off for freedom members

Bring, paper + pen for notes.  And Excited to learn how to move with knowledge in your own health and wellbeing.

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