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Beginners Course: 1st Feb FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA

Starts this February 1st.

You Know the Importance of longevity
in your yoga practice.

Join Zenlife Team this February 1st we will be sharing our knowledge throughout a 4 week beginners course.

This course is the place to begin and is essential for anyone New or in the first couple years of vinyasa practice.
Every Monday Night 7.15pm for 60mins, We’ll break down the foundations of the physical practice.
You’ll get to learn detailed techniques based on anatomical awareness and embed the fundamentals of safe practice.
You’ll walk out educated and empowered on the foundations of vinyasa practice.
This course will teach you everything you need to know to kick start your practice in a safe, fun and inspiring way!

Week 1 (Body) We work on the basics on posture (asana) and The four corners of Vinyasa Yoga –
Breath (pranayama),
Drishti (focus),
Bandha (Joint stability)
Tadasana – the connection behind your alignment.

Week 2 (Anatomy of breath & Mind) The mind plays A crucial part in the way the breath is. This week we Learn to observe the mind and dive deep into pranayama, yogic breath control. Explore meditation in the modern world and the amazing benefits of stilling the mind in stillness and in flow.

Questions are encouraged in all classes as you keep learning.

Week 3 (Practice) Tapas – the discipline and how to tap into this part of the practice so you can feel progression in a strong foundation. This week we dive deep explore sensation and learn how to stay in longer holds and modifications to help cultivate a steady mind. This is one of the most awesome tools you will learn to keep going!

Week 4 (Evolve) In this week you’ll uncover a brief history of yoga. We’ll unpack posture techniques, anatomy, moving in flow, transitions and safety modifications for a life long practice.

*Spaces in this course are limited to ensure plenty of one on one

Bookings are essential.
WHEN: Monday beginning February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd
TIME: 7:15 – 8:15pm   COST: $95 [members 10% discount]

This will be lead by your experience Zen Life Yoga Team Expect warm and welcoming, knowledgeable and able to effectively share teachings with authenticity and honesty. Everyone at Zen life are life long learner, offering inspiration to students in every class. Expect to feel energised, playful and empowered during and after these classes.

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