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19th March Kirtan Meditation – cultivate your calm

Friday 19th March

Kirtan Meditation – cultivate your calm. Join us for a journey of sacred sound. Kirtan Meditation calms the mind, warms the heart and soothes the soul. It is the practice of easily, powerfully and enjoyably hearing and chanting sacred Vedic Mantras. You will be transported through this journey from moving out of the head and into the heart by local Meditation Teachers Sita and Gopal, who have experienced so much life and joy through this practice now sharing this wonderful gift to others. Kirtan Meditation focusses on mantra and sound. Sound has often been used in many ancient traditions to uplift consciousness. One such method is Kirtan or the collective chanting of mantras. ‘Man’ meaning mind and ‘tra’ indicating liberation. Thus, the freeing of the mind by the powerful group chant allows us to begin, or go deeper, into our inner journeys. You will be guided in a call-response kirtan accompanied by traditional Indian musical instrument. Appropriate for all levels of experience and newcomers.

When: Friday 19th March

With: Sita & Gopal

Time: 6.30 – 7.30pm

Cost; $20 (Free for freedom Members)

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